Tiny fingers and the keys of happiness

Why is playing the piano so good for your child?
Stories of musical prodigies are aplenty. We all know how Stevie Wonder first performed at the age of eleven and Mozart wrote his first symphony by the age of six. Not every child is a musical genius but every child can benefit from learning to play the piano, it is so much more than just a skill. It can be a way of overall enrichment and growth.
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Here are some of the reasons why it is a good idea to enrol your child in a piano class today.
Builds Determination and Patience
Learning to play an instrument requires plenty of patience. The piano not being very easy to master teaches a child that there is no substitute for hard work and regular practice.
Builds Team Spirit
Piano classes can also develop your child’s social skills. It teaches a child to listen to others, pay respect to fellow tiny musicians, be attentive and become a team player.
Improves Mathematical Skills
Music and maths are closely related. A child grasps the concepts of fraction and division by understanding rhythm and beat.
Improves Memory
The practice of understanding and remembering patterns is very beneficial to your child’s memory. Studies reveal that children who play the piano show better cognitive development than their peers.
Builds Dexterity and Strength
Playing the piano involves both hands. Learning to use fingers of both hands with equal ease, improves agility of the child’s hand and builds stronger hand muscles.
Improves Concentration and Hand-Eye Co-ordination
In these days of video games and information overdrive, many children display an alarmingly short attention span. Piano lessons may help them build focus, concentration and improves motor skills.
Builds Confidence
Learning to perform in front of an audience, even if it is a small one, helps prevent performance anxiety and builds confidence in a child.
Experts agree that five and a half or six is a good age to start learning to play the piano and it is never too late to start. Children below that age showing a musical aptitude and interest in the piano should be encouraged to explore on their own without frameworks. Rather than concentrating on one particular instrument their general interest in music should be cultivated.
Learning to play can make your child happier and give him something to cherish for the rest of his life. Why wait when the best piano lessons in Singapore are now available to provide your child with top-notch faculty and well-planned curriculum!
Let the music begin!

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