Know These Technique to Play the Violin

Have you started taking violin lessons lately? If you are a fresher, it becomes extremely crucial for you to build up a powerful foundation that can help you going ahead. In case you have forgotten everything, do check out this violin page for violin classes that may refresh your memory. Here are some of those basic techniques, which every fresher need to master while attending violin classes in Singapore.

Left-Hand Articulation

The term articulation here refers to the sound clarity with which each note can be defined by the player. The right hand of a violin player can generate a lot of it but the left hand has a crucial role too. The use of left-hand articulation comes handy when a single stroke is used for playing many notes such as grace notes or runs. It is not possible to use the bow to clarify every note’s beginning. So, the player can use his or her left hand for ascertaining that each note is defined and clear. In order to refine this particular skill, the violin player should be in the mode of a percussionist. His fingertips function as sticks while the fingerboard becomes a drum.


Many experts consider trills and vibrato as cousins. However, there is a distinction between these two. The musician uses only one finger on vibrato and uses more speed while playing. While vibrating, the player moves the finger they are playing with back and forth repetitively from the point of base contact. A nice tip to get a great vibrato is to keep the vibrating speed in control. For accomplishing this, one needs to track where the source of the vibrato is. Is it the violin player’s knuckle, wrist or elbow? After the player settles with his or her lower note, they should follow the same procedure with their upper pitch.

Double Stops

There are several things that an instrument in string family can do that other instruments cannot. For instance, you can play 2 different notes simultaneously. Very often, music composers take leverage of this unique and special feature. That is why it is so crucial for a player to work on it with a great deal of focus from the initial phases of their musical journey. In order to be an expert in the technique of double stop, begin to play solely the lower pitch. The technique will help the player to memorize their left-hand muscles precisely where that note is. Thus, the violin player gets the fundamentals to build the remaining chord.

Mastering the art of immaculate violin playing requires plenty of time and effort. There could be several frustrating moments at the beginning of your learning journey. However, you should not be disillusioned by these minor stumbling blocks. Try to remember why you wanted to start taking violin class Singapore in the first place to lift your spirits. So, now gets your violin after you relish the immense value you will derive post learning the instrument.