Treatment of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in Children

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As parents, the wellbeing and safety of your child is your paramount objective. That is why it raises some concerns when they find out their child has been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). More concerns are raised when they also find out that there is no known permanent cure for the condition.

Well, those concerns are natural and they should not make parents feel bad. The good news is that, according to CDC, the condition can be managed to make the symptoms less prominent as opposed to when the condition is not managed. In this article, we will take a look at what the best treatments are available, which is best recommended. Read more here.

Available Treatments for ADHD

Kindly note that even though there are various treatment methods available, the best option will depend greatly on the individual child and his family. It is also recommended that the parents will have to work with those who are closely associated with the child daily. Some of these individuals may include teachers, coaches, close relatives, therapists, healthcare providers, and guardians. Be sure to consult an expert or professional for accurate diagnosis of your child, you may find out more here.

The two well-known treatments for ADHD are:


Medication can help your children manage their condition daily while the symptoms will not necessarily adversely interrupt their everyday life. They will be better equipped to control the behaviors that they always struggle with. Make sure that any medication prescribed by any physician is FDA-approved to treat kids below 10 years of age.

The two groups of meds that are always prescribed are Stimulants and Nonstimulants. Read more here.

The time the meds will be taken, for how long it will be taken, and the dosage all depends on the physician. Also note that since no two children are the same, the same meds may not be prescribed for two children even though they might be experiencing the same symptoms. They might also adjust the medication from time to time based on their occasional checkups.

Behavior therapy

Since ADHD affects not just a child’s concentration but also his relationship with others (family and peers) one of the best treatments is known as behavior therapy. What behavior therapy does is simple: it helps the affected child learn and improve positive behaviors, thus gradually doing away with unwanted or negative behaviors. Behavior therapy can further be subdivided into three parts:

  • Behavior therapy with children
  • Behavioral interventions in the classroom
  • Parent training in behavior  management

It is best if therapy is started immediately the diagnosis is made. This will go a long way in preventing the worsening of the condition, thus making it less chronic as time goes on.

Which is the Best Treatment?

For children below the age of 6, medication should not be the first point of treatment. This is because behavior therapy can help them eliminate some unwanted traits right from this young age. The formative years of children are when they are more likely to be successful in doing away with such behaviors.

For children above 6 years of age, a combination of behavior therapy and medication is highly recommended.


Even though ADHD is presently incurable, it is not a death sentence. With proper treatment, it can be managed such that its effects will be less prominent. Together with a trained physician, parents can decide which treatment is best for a child.

Development of Motor Skills and Pre-Literacy Skills in Children

When we talk about pre-literacy skills, oral language skills the awareness of sounds will easily come to mind. It starts with learning the alphabets, and gradually placing two or more alphabets together to form a word. It also includes recognizing words that are heard and easily relating it to something already known.

With skills like the understanding of vocabulary, language, phonics, and numerology, it can be established that pre-literacy skills will give your child one of the best learning foundations that they can ever have.

With that said, this article will help you to see how motor skills are responsible for a child’s acquiring and mastery of motor skills. Read more here.

The Six Pre-Literacy Skills

These are vital skills a child needs to know for them to eventually master the art of reading and writing. It can be said that these skills will determine if your child is ready to learn or not. They are:

  • Print Motivation- this is your child’s interest in books that are filled with few words but lots of diagrams. Their interest in them will determine whether they will enjoy books or not. It has been revealed that kids who enjoy books will naturally grow to be curious and may want to learn things on their own.
  • Print Awareness- this is a child’s ability to notice these books. It also involves them learning how to handle the books as well as following the lines written on each page of the book.

What some parents do to help with these two skills is that they let their child start listening and reading books from day 1. This way, they will eventually form a longing for reading and learning.

  • Letter Knowledge- this is the identification of letters and being able to differentiate one letter from another. It also involves knowing the names, sounds of letters and the ability to recognize it when they see it.
  • Vocabulary- the ability to group two or more letters into one to form a word. One way to encourage this in children is to read a book to them and trying to explain new words to them.
  • Phonological Awareness- this is playing with words that have different sounds. It could be smaller words or bigger words.
  • Narrative skills- this brings into focus their narrative skills, like them describing what they see and events they do not want to forget.

The Role of Motor Skills Play

A research by Kid Sense highlights that all six pre-literacy skills mentioned above are vital if a child is to improve in learning. Since the fundamental motor skills acquisition is very much associated with the development of neuromotor, cognitive, social, and emotional aspects of childhood, we can rightly conclude that there is one thing common to all the six skills mentioned above: they are all controlled by motor skills. Read more here.

You can come to see why it is very important for a child’s motor skills to develop well and fast. It will determine what foundation they will be making for reading and learning.

What is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder?

2 children playing on a merry go round

This is one of the most common disorders related to neuro development in children. Even though it is mostly diagnosed during childhood, the effect can last into adulthood as it can only be treated for now. It is not encouraging to find out that it has no known cure at the moment.

How can you know when a child has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder? According to KidsHealth, such children might find it difficult to pay attention to simple things that kids their age may find easy to focus their attention on. Apart from that, they may also experience difficulty controlling other common impulsive behaviors. It will also be observed that they will easily do things without considering what the results or outcomes will be.

They will gradually become either hyperactive or unable to keep impulses in check, and this can affect a great deal of their childhood. It will affect how much they assimilate at school, cause them to lag behind their peers, and even at home, they will become disoriented in a more noticeable way to their parents and siblings. The way they express their emotions might be different from how others may express theirs and because of the difficulty they always have paying attention, they will always find it hard to learn new things. Read more here.

According to the W.H.O, it is a chronic condition.

Types of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

There are three types of ADHD and as their name suggests, each type is linked directly to a particular behavior. They are:

  • Inattentive type: this type of ADHD is commonly identified by the child getting distracted so easily and having a less desirable concentration span. They are also disoriented and disorganized. Even with much correction, it may take years to work on a particular trait, and that will take a great deal of work by both the parents and such a child.
  • Hyperactive Impulsive type: this type of ADHD is commonly evident in a child always interrupting either a conversation or work. They will always find it hard to complete a task as they are prone to interrupting it mid-way. It is also evident in how they take some weird risks. Read more here.

What are the causes of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder?

Since this condition is neurobiological, most of the symptoms experienced by each child are dependent on their environment. According to research, several things might be responsible for ADHD including:

  • Genes and heredity: this means it can run in a family line. If a parent has the condition, that chance of a child having the same condition is 25%
  • Major head injury when young
  • When a child is born prematurely, his chances of having ADHD increases by 20%
  • Environmental hazards may also be responsible for a few cases of ADHD


Even though many parents and guardians act carefree by ignoring early signs of ADHD, this little insight provided by this article should be enough to alert you to any of the symptoms you may have noticed in your child.

Safety Tips for Your Preschooler Over the Summer

As the summer is rapidly closing in it is important to keep the child cool and safe throughout the summer. Overheating can cause major health hazards to the child.
If you are looking for a preschool that will cater holistically to your child’s needs in learning and play, do consider Chiltern House Preschool. You can check out their site here:

Also, do check out this Chiltern House Review for an honest review of the school.

So here are a few tips that can help keep your child cool for the summer.
Do not over fold blankets
Irrespective of the fact that these blankets may have been made with the thinnest of material over folding can create extra heat without you even knowing what is happening.
Keep the kids room cool
Ensure that you have a thermometer for the room so that you can know exactly what the temperature of the room is. This can help you maintain the temperature at an optimum level. Using a muslin cloth when you go out with the child can help you protect them from the sun. Folding back part of the muslin cloth can help you allow a level of airflow.
Look at the world from your child’s point of view
You may have to get down on your hands and legs and look up at the world but this is the only way in which you can identify any potential hazards for a child that is crawling or who has just started walking. Even something as small as a dropped coin can have a really bad impact if it gets into the hands of the child as it is a choking hazard. Ensure that you regularly vacuum and clean the house so that you can get rid of anything that the child can put into their mouth. You also have to be aware of any kind of sharp objects or medicines that can get into the child’s hands. Keeping such things on a higher level and out of the reach of the child can help keep your child pre-schooler safe.
Get rid of tablecloths
This is one thing that seems very innocent but can cause a lot of damage. Take into consideration that there are heavy things kept on the table and your child gets their hands on the tablecloth on the table. By pulling this they can cause all of these heavy objects to fall and in the worst case scenario, these things can fall on the child.
It is thus always smarter to take the required precautions when you have small kids in the house, especially in summers. Preschool education in Singapore institutions usually provide the parents with all of these instructions before the start of summer.

School Life Is Not Only About Studying

Learning something new every day brightens up the minds of children. At the kindergarten in Singapore kids are not bombarded with studies all the time at school. They learn a mixed bag of subjects and tools to get ahead.
If you are looking for a holistic kindergarten education for your child, do consider Chiltern House. They have engaging activities to grow your child, and have good facilities to support your child. Do visit their website here: or take a look at this Chiltern House Review today!
Here are a few reasons that prove that school life is not only about studying.
Social Skills
Being away from the parents for a young child can be quite a problem. Once the little one accepts that s/he cannot get into a sulk at being away, s/he will accept that there is something to the concept. In the early years, children learn to improve their social skills as they communicate with others aside from the parents.
Levels of Understanding
The element of knowing that everyone is different is a part of the educative journey. Children learn during the early years that while their peers are of the same age group, each one looks and thinks differently. It lets on to the little ones that the journey of education has a lot more to offer them. They also understand each other better instead of being rigid.
Flora and Fauna
Educators up their game with tiny tots by bettering their teaching abilities. It provides a wide-angled method where children learn about the great outdoors. Through a series of programs both on the screen in the classroom as well as the wide open space that has greenery and flora, children learn to be appreciative of nature. If there are any animals in the school like dogs, cats, rabbits, and others, they may name them and grow fond of animals as well.
Having read until this point, we hope that you have realised that kindergarten is not a trivial period for your child, and you should pay utmost attention to the quality of kindergarten you intend to send him/her to.
Every child has a certain religion that s/he follows at home. In school, with mixed cultures and religions, children learn the art of tolerance. The idea is not to shove down religiosity down the throats of kids or to get them to the agnostic level but to inculcate that everyone’s point of view matters. Educators do not get too involved in this arena but encourage kids to be respectful of the other and move along to other issues.
Getting kids out of the classroom is never a difficult task for an educator. In fact, children revel in the fact that they can get out unless there is an inherent Sheldon Cooper in their midst! The idea in school is to have kids stretch their limbs as they play on the equipment, monitored by an elder, run around, and play. As they do so, they end up having fun as they make friends and enjoy school life.
In general, school life is not always about grades and studying, there is a simple mix!

Childcare Options and Early Childhood Education in Singapore

Singapore is one of the countries that offer an extensive range of childcare to address the needs of first-time or pre-occupied parents. Childcare centre, kindergarten, and preschool are the commonly-used terms referring to the institution that provides care for children in their early years. Let us identify each term closely so you will know where to send your young one while you are away.

If you are looking for a kindergarten to send your child to, do consider Chiltern House Kindergarten School. Their curriculum includes linguistic focused activities, mathematics, and science. These are carefully curated to prepare your child for primary school, their next phase of education. As you know primary school can be competitive in Singapore, so if you want the best for your child you should consider Chiltern House. View more at their website above.

Also, if you are keen to send your child to a quality preschool, do check out this Chiltern House Review for an honest review of the school.

Next, Mindchamps compares and contrasts childcare, kindergarten, and preschool in different categories, and discusses each one of them based on the age group of the children, the education approach, the school holidays or daycare closure, government subsidy, and the meals.

What is the Difference Between Preschool, Childcare, and Kindergarten?


Childcare center.


These three terms are all it takes to baffle first-time parents in Singapore who are looking for care arrangements and/or an early learning programme for their children during the tender years. But what is the difference between these early childhood education providers and which one should you opt for?

A Preschool Programme

In Singapore, preschool is used as a general term which refers to any institution providing early childhood care and education services.” Read more here.

Next, Difference Between differentiates kindergarten from childcare. The factors from which the comparisons are based include their origin, types, focus, duration, caretaker, and expense. This will definitely give you the right idea of where your child exactly fits.

Difference between Kindergarten and Childcare

Key difference: Kindergarten is a type of preschool that strives to educate little children through the means of games and fun activities. Childcare denotes looking after a child for the time until its parent or legal guardian returns from his/her work.

Kindergarten is a German term, which means a garden for children when translated into English. This term was first coined by Friedrich Froebel, who was successful at setting up the very first Kindergarten school in Germany. He stressed the significance of playing and playtime activities, in the life of a child. He believed that playing games would boost the social, spiritual and mental well-being of a child. Kindergarten essentially is a type of preschool.

Child care as the name suggests is the act of taking proper care of the children, until their parent or legal guardian come back to them, from his/her work commitments. Childcare exposes children to attributes such as socializing with other children or people, which would help them in the long run. Child care is often provided by adults but, it may also mean babysitting or nanny care. Child care is generally chosen by the parents/guardian who can’t devote enough time to his/her child during work hours.” Read more here.

Skoolpedia next reveals the kindergarten statistics in the country as of 2016. You will be surprised at the number of branches each of the famous kindergartens in the country. Also, check the answers provided by the author as you may have the same questions associated with the kindergarten.

Another point to note is that you might not know which is the best childcare or kindergarten for your child. If that is the case, you can consider looking up Chiltern House review for the reviews about Chiltern House. Reviews from parents and educators would give a good idea of how good a school is.

Kindergarten In Singapore

“In Singapore, parents recognize that development in the early years is crucial as this is a golden period when children inquire, explore and discover the world around them. Apart from arousing children’s curiosity and sense of wonder about the world around them, most of the kindergarten in singapore provides opportunities for children to learn social skills such as learning to work and play with others. Children who are confident and eager to learn are ready for the next stage learning and are more likely to do well in school.

By and large, when it comes to preschool education in singapore, Kindergartens and child care centres are two of the most popular options. Here are the main difference between the Child Care Centres and Kindergartens in Singapore.” Read more here.

Make an arrangement for the early childhood education of your child and choose the best childcare provider for assurance.

Modern Bathroom Mirrors For Modern Bathrooms

Decorative stone has become an important a part of designing homes along with other architectural buildings. This style is often referred to as Feng Shui, which has become very popular. In lieu of buying costly furniture in order to add new scopes to your home, an even more affordable and easier way can be done – purchase some well-rehearsed accessories that can enhance the best within your home.

Go with a theme by using interesting living room paint schemes. There ought to be contrast within the colors, as with the cypresses and olives. For instance, you may hang an image depicting people eating or of food within the kitchen, or attach a label for the front door reminding the patient to lock doors.

It was designed by Gerrit Rietveld and showcases a rectilinear block. You don’t have to call home in the log home to bring the powerful presence of natural wood into your living space. At this stage, the contractor and sub-contractors manage to get thier first chance to put numbers for the project.

Stone Selex Inc. All Rights Reserved. It’s important to make use of fabrics that look good but will also hold approximately your children and animals. . Here are a few ideas and elements you may include to get the best effects.

Swimming Pool Features to Enhance Your Landscape Design. When applied, this product produces a glasslike silicate bond deep within the pores of the concrete. Interior designers needs to have completed formal training and needs to have undergone someone to three year apprenticeships in architecture or design firms. articledashboard.

With the financial hardships facing the auto industry, Ford Motor Company included, there may be some concern that Ford has once again decided to shelve its latest engine design. It resembles a human tent and is made up of ‘heavy-duty polyester’ and it has ‘nylon zipper’. Pretending that future casinos will play an upright, commendable role within the regeneration of cities is, at best, humorous. Lighting your kit can be a fun yet challenging time. Find out more at http://www.

If you are looking to modernize your bathroom then certainly a walk in shower is really a good option that can provide the look off space without that large bath within the middle of the room. Rather than being outdated and old, retro takes the best of previous styles to develop a modern approach. You also must enhance your skills and knowledge of web design technologies at regular interval. This will get to be the focal point of your space.

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill – Free Audiobook and Ebook

Chuck Bartok, the creator of the Focus Society Mastermind (material connection), has released another free version of Think and Grow Rich, both in audiobook and ebook format.

If you are are a regular reader of Free Personal Development Material, then you are familiar with Chuck and the Focus Society Mastermind. He’s provided massive amounts of material to assist people in creating the lives they want. His weekly discussion of personal development classics has included The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles, The Master Key System by Charles Haanel, The Miracle of Right Thought by Orison Swett Marden, The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy, and (of course) Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

You can access the current and previous discussions of all of these books on the Focus Society Mastermind’s Talk Shoe page.

But back to the free audiobook…

Chuck has set this up in an interesting way.

When you first sign up, you’ll get an annotated pdf ebook copy of Think and Grow Rich. You’ll also receive the mp3 of chapter one of Think and Grow Rich.

Then, every two days, you’ll receive another chapter of the audiobook, until you’ve received all of the chapters of the book.

I’m listening to the first chapter as I write this – it’s a audio perfect, professional recording. I don’t think you’ll want to miss this.

Click here for more information and to access the mp3 audiobook and pdf ebook version of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill (name and email address required).

Thank you, Chuck… you and your work really are a blessing to the world.

Abraham-Hicks Video: Get Happy!

My friend Vickie from Contemplate This recently had a video she created selected by Jerry and Esther Hicks and featured on their video page: Get Happy. Abraham-Hicks Law of Attraction

The video really captures the essence of Abraham’s teachings, and whether you believe in the whole “channeling” thing or not, the message is one that people need to hear. While she wasn’t the first person to mention Abraham to me, Vickie is the person who taught me to listen to their message and that it really is OK, no, essential to be happy.

My favorite line of the audio (Abraham speaking through Esther Hicks) starts at exactly 2:00 – be sure not to miss it!

Thanks for putting this out there, Vickie… and congrats! 🙂

Free Book Giveaway #5 – Two Classics by Og Mandino

So I’m looking around my office tonight for a book to give away this week, and the one my eyes stop on is a perfect match: The Greatest Salesman in the World Part II – The End of the Story by Og Mandino.

It’s a perfect match, because one of the ideas in the book is about the offering of Free Personal Development Material.

In this book, Hafid (the “Greatest Salesman”) is now rich. He has begun to charge for speaking engagements in which he shares his secrets of success. He is also very generous with his wealth: feeding, clothing, and sheltering the poor. But, after a conversation with his friend Sergius, he decides to start doing things a little differently:

Sergius says:

“Like all other orators, you are charging admission for your speeches and so those who need your message the most do not hear it because they are too poor to attend. They are the same people you now feed and clothe. Change your procedure.”

Sergius then suggests that he begin to speak for free.

Hafid responds:

“Free? There will be many who will attend only to be entertained or to pass the time of day with no thought of learning how to improve their lot in life.”

To which Sergius says:

“You are correct, without a doubt. Many men of great intellect insist that unless one has to pay or work hard for something, one never fully appreciates it. However, for all of those in your audiences on whom your words will probably be wasted, just imagine how satisfying it would be to you if you learned that there was at least one poor camel boy or street urchin in the crowd whose life might commence to take an upward path because of your words.”

That’s a very brief overview… but you get the point.

I couldn’t find a better book for a giveaway.

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The Belief Busters First Aid Kit from John Milton Fogg

Sometimes a real gem slips through the cracks here at Free Personal Development Material.

The BeliefBusters First Aid Kit by John Milton Fogg is one of them.

Part of my process for determining what to post here and what not to involves collecting both submissions and my own finds and putting them in draft format, then taking a block to time to batch through them and determine what to post now, what to post later, and what to post never (those last ones go straight to the trash).

This should have been a now, but somehow ended up in the later file.

I’ve written about John Milton Fogg’s work before – if you haven’t already seen his Greatest Networker ebook and audio, I’d highly recommend those as well.

But for now, be sure to take a look at his BeliefBusters First Aid Kit – it’s a short pdf (18 pages), but packed with techniques to help you combat what he calls “THE source of ALL physical, mental, emotional and spiritual disease on Earth […] the pathogen of Negative Beliefs.”

Some of the techniques may be familiar to you, and some may be brand new.

But here’s a question for you – how many techniques are “familiar” to you, that you’ve used in the past with good results… and then stopped using for no good reason?

Could that be because of a negative belief about your own worthiness for success?

Just askin’. 🙂