Childcare Options and Early Childhood Education in Singapore

Singapore is one of the countries that offer an extensive range of childcare to address the needs of first-time or pre-occupied parents. Childcare centre, kindergarten, and preschool are the commonly-used terms referring to the institution that provides care for children in their early years. Let us identify each term closely so you will know where to send your young one while you are away.

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Next, Mindchamps compares and contrasts childcare, kindergarten, and preschool in different categories, and discusses each one of them based on the age group of the children, the education approach, the school holidays or daycare closure, government subsidy, and the meals.

What is the Difference Between Preschool, Childcare, and Kindergarten?


Childcare center.


These three terms are all it takes to baffle first-time parents in Singapore who are looking for care arrangements and/or an early learning programme for their children during the tender years. But what is the difference between these early childhood education providers and which one should you opt for?

A Preschool Programme

In Singapore, preschool is used as a general term which refers to any institution providing early childhood care and education services.” Read more here.

Next, Difference Between differentiates kindergarten from childcare. The factors from which the comparisons are based include their origin, types, focus, duration, caretaker, and expense. This will definitely give you the right idea of where your child exactly fits.

Difference between Kindergarten and Childcare

Key difference: Kindergarten is a type of preschool that strives to educate little children through the means of games and fun activities. Childcare denotes looking after a child for the time until its parent or legal guardian returns from his/her work.

Kindergarten is a German term, which means a garden for children when translated into English. This term was first coined by Friedrich Froebel, who was successful at setting up the very first Kindergarten school in Germany. He stressed the significance of playing and playtime activities, in the life of a child. He believed that playing games would boost the social, spiritual and mental well-being of a child. Kindergarten essentially is a type of preschool.

Child care as the name suggests is the act of taking proper care of the children, until their parent or legal guardian come back to them, from his/her work commitments. Childcare exposes children to attributes such as socializing with other children or people, which would help them in the long run. Child care is often provided by adults but, it may also mean babysitting or nanny care. Child care is generally chosen by the parents/guardian who can’t devote enough time to his/her child during work hours.” Read more here.

Skoolpedia next reveals the kindergarten statistics in the country as of 2016. You will be surprised at the number of branches each of the famous kindergartens in the country. Also, check the answers provided by the author as you may have the same questions associated with the kindergarten.

Another point to note is that you might not know which is the best childcare or kindergarten for your child. If that is the case, you can consider looking up Chiltern House review for the reviews about Chiltern House. Reviews from parents and educators would give a good idea of how good a school is.

Kindergarten In Singapore

“In Singapore, parents recognize that development in the early years is crucial as this is a golden period when children inquire, explore and discover the world around them. Apart from arousing children’s curiosity and sense of wonder about the world around them, most of the kindergarten in singapore provides opportunities for children to learn social skills such as learning to work and play with others. Children who are confident and eager to learn are ready for the next stage learning and are more likely to do well in school.

By and large, when it comes to preschool education in singapore, Kindergartens and child care centres are two of the most popular options. Here are the main difference between the Child Care Centres and Kindergartens in Singapore.” Read more here.

Make an arrangement for the early childhood education of your child and choose the best childcare provider for assurance.