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This blog is a regularly updated listing of free personal development, self-help, spiritual, and business development related ebooks, audios, videos, and courses. It originally started as a page on Creating a Better Life, but a simple page listing didn’t do it justice.

It’s maintained by Lyman Reed, a self-confessed personal development addict and blogger. If you’ve got a resource you’d like to suggest, a question you’d like to ask, or just feel like saying “Hi”, please visit the contact page.

Why “Free” Personal Development Material?

Because when I started on my own personal development journey (in other words, tried to fix the mess I had made of my life), much of what I was able to accomplish was only because of the kindness of strangers. Information, tools, and resources were made available to me that I couldn’t, at that point in my life, have afforded had they been offered only in exchange for cash.

Please note… I have no issue with people charging for and making money from helping people better their lives. In fact, considering the amount of money we hand over to people who have destroyed our economy, those who are in the *business* of helping others are probably a bit more deserving of financial support.

This is also why I no longer apologize for affiliate links, advertising, or one time offers on this blog. While I’m no guru, I do enjoy being compensated for pointing people in the direction of material that is potentially life changing.

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