Safety Tips for Your Preschooler Over the Summer

As the summer is rapidly closing in it is important to keep the child cool and safe throughout the summer. Overheating can cause major health hazards to the child.
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So here are a few tips that can help keep your child cool for the summer.
Do not over fold blankets
Irrespective of the fact that these blankets may have been made with the thinnest of material over folding can create extra heat without you even knowing what is happening.
Keep the kids room cool
Ensure that you have a thermometer for the room so that you can know exactly what the temperature of the room is. This can help you maintain the temperature at an optimum level. Using a muslin cloth when you go out with the child can help you protect them from the sun. Folding back part of the muslin cloth can help you allow a level of airflow.
Look at the world from your child’s point of view
You may have to get down on your hands and legs and look up at the world but this is the only way in which you can identify any potential hazards for a child that is crawling or who has just started walking. Even something as small as a dropped coin can have a really bad impact if it gets into the hands of the child as it is a choking hazard. Ensure that you regularly vacuum and clean the house so that you can get rid of anything that the child can put into their mouth. You also have to be aware of any kind of sharp objects or medicines that can get into the child’s hands. Keeping such things on a higher level and out of the reach of the child can help keep your child pre-schooler safe.
Get rid of tablecloths
This is one thing that seems very innocent but can cause a lot of damage. Take into consideration that there are heavy things kept on the table and your child gets their hands on the tablecloth on the table. By pulling this they can cause all of these heavy objects to fall and in the worst case scenario, these things can fall on the child.
It is thus always smarter to take the required precautions when you have small kids in the house, especially in summers. Preschool education in Singapore institutions usually provide the parents with all of these instructions before the start of summer.